Illinois Now Offers Victims Of Trafficking Relief Through Tattoo Removal

November 7, 2014

ERASEYourTattooIllinois and New Hampshire are two states that are enacting laws to help provide relief to human trafficking victims. Chicago is a major hub for human trafficking in the US. Chicago is the main location for illegal trafficking because of the proximity to two major airports as well as its central location in the United States. Victims are often flown in and then moved outside of the area via car, bus or train. The large population and centralized location offers traffickers many options to conceal their illegal activity as well as routes to traffic people to multiple nearby cities and states.

Human trafficking is a federal crime and state legislators and Attorney Generals office’s have decided to do something about the problem, as well as offer more support to victims caught in this situation. One ways the state of Illinois is offering help to these victims is by compensating the cost of laser tattoo removal and offering victims a way to move forward with their lives, free of the tattoos that their trafficker placed on their body.

Illinois currently has a Crime Victims Compensation Law, which specifies trafficking victims can be compensated for their laser tattoo removal through an outreach program. The law works with the Crime Victims Compensation fund,  run by the office of Attorney General Lisa Madigan. The goal is to help provide service and support to crime victims in Illinois and Chicagoland area by providing compensation, therapy services, and advocacy during legal procedures.

The Crime Victims Compensation Law covers “pecuniary loss” caused by the crimes which includes laser tattoo removal in any studio in the state. The website states that the Fund  “provides direct financial ?assistance to innocent victims of violent crime to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses related to the crime.”

Laser tattoo removal is covered and victims will be compensated for 100% of the cost of tattoo removal once the claim is submitted to the State Attorney office. The process to initialize the compensation is to fill out a form on the Attorney Generals website You can also call 1-800-228-3368 for more information on Tattoo Removal Compensation.

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