Haymarket Center 15-2014 Summer Institute on Addictions 161

Eric Dean Spruth and the 21st Annual Summer Institute on Addictions

Sacred Transformations Team –

My Keynote address and participation within the 21st Annual Summer Institute on Addictions (see below)  where both enjoyable and enlightening. I return to my service at Sacred Transformations feeling energized from this all, thank you for the opportunity/ honor to our friends at Haymarket to serve as Keynote Speaker as well presenter for the breakout session on the benefits of Art Therapy.

Haymarket Center Brochure Summer 2015
Keynote Speaker: Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR
Topic: Sacred Transformations: A Contemporary Form of
Art Therapy and Transformative Tattooing
Art therapy can significantly enhance the process of recovery through integration with the stages of change model, motivational interviewing, and other evidence-based practices for treatment of substance use disorders. This presentation will focus on the practice and history of art therapy, its uses in addictions and mental health counseling, and how Sacred Transformations has influenced contemporary art therapy through transformative tattooing. The importance of a positive perception of self will be highlighted in relation to Sacred Transformation’s ability to build positive selfimage in individuals who have had negative life experiences.

Benefit of Art Therapy
Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR
This presentation will continue discussions of the role of art therapy in addictions treatment, and how Sacred Transformations can help build self-image for clients with substance use disorders to support their long term recovery.

I give thanks for them waving my conference fee, as well the Cermak hospital administration for the use of conference time to attend the 3 day conference. Meeting and learning so much for some many wonderful people there over the three days this week was just wonderful. I will look forward to this being an agenda item for our next board of directors meeting but wanted to share this with our larger volunteer community. Thank you to each of you for all the great work you have done in the name of Sacred Transformation’s Clients past and present.


I welcome your continued commitment to our 501c3’s continued needs to raise awareness, as well funds. In addition to the link to the conference please also find our link to our GO FUND me page. When I sent it out that day we received a much needed $100.00 contribution from Mr. Tom Collins. He is a BIG philanthropist in NWI and I will be working with Brian Lauterbach (donor path founder and our new expert!) to follow up with Mr. Collins over this summer.

Finally, our GoFundMe appeal continues.  Please share http://www.gofundme.com/sacredbridge on your social media, consider sending out a e-mail blast asking for your circle to support this program.

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