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Tattoo artists want kids to think before they ink

Eric Spruth works on customer Jason Sasak's tattoo that Spruth is in the process of covering up at Sacred Transformations in Gary, Ind.

In the February 24th edition of the Chicago Tribune, reporter Dawn Turner Trice, wrote an article about Sacred Transformationsoutreach effort called ”Symbol of Thyself” and the effort to explain to young people the risks of permanent body art.

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WGN Interviews at Sacred Transformations

WGN Interviews at Sacred Transformations

Marcus Leshock of WGN has chosen to feature Sacred Transformations on WGN's morning show Friday, 1/17/14. Be sure to check out the photos on Facebook!

We spend quite a bit of time and effort in communuty outreach. As a result, we get some pretty amazing fan letters - here's one.

We get e-mails and letters... here's one of them!

On May 1st, the “Steel Shores” show on WLTH 1370 AM, Gary, Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland Premiere Talk Radio Station, with Mike Gonzalez featured an interview with Sacred Transformation’s Eric Spruth and It's Gary's Time and one of the clients they serve.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

See the images of Maria's Transformation!

SAIC News - Ink Therapy

Read the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's profile of Eric Spruth

Photo by: Lidia Villa || Client:  Noah Temaner Jenkins || Tattoo Artist: Eric Dean Spruth MA, ATR
Photo by: Lidia Villa, Client: Noah Temaner Jenkins, Tattoo Artist: Eric Dean Spruth MA, ATR

Photographer Lidia Villa paid Sacred Transformations a visit at the Studios of Miller Beach Ink, on Monday, the 29th of August.  Linda took this photo of Noah as Eric Spruth worked on the transformation of Noah’s old rose tattoo.

Photo by Lidia Villa
Client:  Noah Temaner Jenkins
Tattoo Artist: Eric Dean Spruth MA, ATR

Sacred Transformations is grateful for the generous grant from the D&R Fund of The Chicago Community Trust.

We've been hearing from a lot of "Hey! What about the Van?" and "Do you still have that Van?"

Tattoo Machive... a.k.a "The Van"
The Tattoo Machine a.k.a “the Van”

We guess that it's a sign that six years after having sold The Van, to help keep our program cookin' we need some of the Magic from the Tattoo Machine.

As of February 1, 2011, Sacred Transformations will have our own studio located in Miller Beach, Indiana.

From WTTW / Chicago Tonight Show February 1, 2011:
WTTW / Chicago Tonight Show: February 1, 2011 || Regina's Transformation

See more about Regina's Transformation!

Sacred Transformations in the news... from the The Columbia Chronicle

Two new Videos! Enjoy!

Dolphin Productions Presents - Sacred Transformations. Eric Dean Spruth is a tattoo transformist and the founder of Sacred transformations a non-for-profit organization based in Chicago aimed at transforming negative tattoos into art pieces.

Angela's Sacred Transformation from Thom on Vimeo.

"How much will it cost to receive a transformation?" The answer is that Sacred Transformation's Services are Free of Charge! Our client's commitments are in terms of their time and effort to not only being the recipient but to actively participate in their transformation!

Of course, the materials and overhead don't come for free and for the dollars that it takes to support our mission, we ask for donations.

For more information contact us.

As of May 27, 2009, according to the Internal Revenue Service, Sacred Transformations is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations and gifts to Sacred Transformations are tax-deductible.

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Crave Magazine wrote about Sacred Transformations in their October 2008 issue (See what some of our friends said about it here). Intense Ink Magazine featured an article on Sacred Transformations in March of 2008 and Pain Magazine featured us in their December 2007 issue. You can view the articles and see the Chicago Reader here.

Internationally renowned photographer Sandro took the opportunity to photograph some of Sacred Transformation's clients. to see more of Sandro's work go to his website at www.sandrofilm.com

Photos by Sandro of Sacred Transformations Clients

See and hear Marion Rosenberg's award winning series of Community Cable program "Cool-Down" interviewed Eric Dean Spruth, the Executive Director of Sacred Transformations along with President Dennis Benard and Board member Denise Colletti. The video interview runs about 57 minutes.