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Ms. Baker is such an inspiration to so many including all of us at Sacred Transformations Eric Dean Spruth MA, ATR, Bare Tattoo Removal Artist Hiram Shogun Harris, and 9 Mag Tattoo Studio. Her outwardness as a savior of Human Trafficking she teaches us all that everyone can fight sex trafficking with awareness and common senses. No matter where you are in the world, you can bring light into the darkness of sex trafficking. There are unique ways for you to get involved to learn more please visit our great friends and partners at

Fundraiser Lagunitas Chicago Tap June 19, 2018 5:30 pm

Fundraiser on June 19, 2018 5:30 pm

Sacred Transformations is excited to announce that Lagunitas Chicago Tap Room & Beer Sanctuary is hosting a fundraiser for our charity on June 19th.

Fundraiser Lagunitas Chicago Tap June 19, 2018 5:30 pm

Please join us for an evening of drinking in support of an amazing cause. Entry is 11$ per person at the door, FREE pizza will be provided by the charity, and THE DOOR FEE AND ALL OF THE FULL PRICE OF BEER THAT IS PURCHASED DURING THE EVENT GOES DIRECTLY TO SACRED TRANSFORMATIONS. SO COME THIRSTY!

Sacred Transformations is a 501(c)(3) federally recognized charity that is devoted to helping people who have scars, burns, tattoos, or other body markings transform their body through FREE transformative tattooing and/or laser tattoo removal. Some of our clients include survivors of sex/human trafficking, domestic abuse, former gang members, individuals with self-injurious behaviors, individuals with surgical scars, oncology patients, veterans, and many other individuals with disparaging body markings.

Hamburger Mary Bingo

BINGO for Sacred Transformations

Join Sacred Transformations at Hamburger Mary's Restaurant in Chicago, 5400 N Clark St, Chicago, Illinois to play BINGO and benefit us!

We are raising money to get the electricity turned on at the building. Check out this video to see what we have been up to, and why we need your help:


Hamburger Mary's has graciously hosted us twice in the past, and we appreciate their continued support. Please help us reach the goal of 100 guests to make this event successful!

Here is the link to the Facebook event page: BINGO for Sacred Transformations

If you can't make it, please consider:

There Is No Such Thing As A Child Prostitute

The Documentary: No Such Thing as a Child Prostitute

Over this last summer I was invited to be a small part of a most amazing and timely production.  A documentary raising awareness, change for rights for girls and women.

Rights4Girls is a human rights organization focused on gender-based violence against vulnerable young women and girls in the U.S. They advocate for the dignity and person hood of young women and girls - so that every girl may possess the right to be safe and live a life free of violence and exploitation. It was sincerely life / service affirming experience for me and the team at Sacred Transformations being a part of this thoughtful production created by  A/L Media Washington D.C.

To see our clients being in a positive spot light being praised for all the work they have and are doing to recapture there own lives and to fight for others is just amazing! I encourage you to view the link to see the documentary as well go to the sign as well go to the website ( to sign the potion and further explore opportunities to communicate to our legislators cost to cost asking for reasonable change.
The Ultimate Escape Artist: Transforming Lives Through Tattoos

Feedback on… The Ultimate Escape Artist: Transforming Lives Through Tattoos

Here’s some feedback we received on the recent article over at The Chicago Community Trust’s website at

Bravo Eric! Nice work!!!! Kelli Polo, MA, LCPC

Congrats on the article! Great job!! I wanted to send this link to you about the escaped convict in New York a couple of months ago that I told you about. He was a very talented artist, so I thought you might like to see this. Avis D. Calhoun Mental Health Specialist III

New York Prison Escapee Traded Art for Favors From a Guard …
PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. — The two convicted killers who broke out of a maximum-security prison in northern New York this month made their escape using …

What a wonderful, uplifting story! We are so lucky to have you as part of the mental health team Katie Jacobowski, LCPC Mental Health Specialist III

awesome Eric! Reminds me that we have a good candidate over here in RTU that could benefit from your talents….18 y/o young lady (turned 18 a few months ago) who has “PUSSY IS NOT FREE” tattooed on both arms ☹ keep up the great work, Yoloxochitl Adame, LCSW, CCHP Mental Health Specialist III

Hey, Ultimate Escape Artist, Terrific article! The journalist really put the pieces together nicely for Sacred Transformations. You deserve every word of praise. Maureen

Very nice article. Congratulations all! Bob
BOB EICHINGER Director of Donor Services
The Chicago Community Trust

Haymarket Center 15-2014 Summer Institute on Addictions 161

Eric Dean Spruth and the 21st Annual Summer Institute on Addictions

Sacred Transformations Team –

My Keynote address and participation within the 21st Annual Summer Institute on Addictions (see below)  where both enjoyable and enlightening. I return to my service at Sacred Transformations feeling energized from this all, thank you for the opportunity/ honor to our friends at Haymarket to serve as Keynote Speaker as well presenter for the breakout session on the benefits of Art Therapy.

Haymarket Center Brochure Summer 2015
Keynote Speaker: Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR
Topic: Sacred Transformations: A Contemporary Form of
Art Therapy and Transformative Tattooing
Art therapy can significantly enhance the process of recovery through integration with the stages of change model, motivational interviewing, and other evidence-based practices for treatment of substance use disorders. This presentation will focus on the practice and history of art therapy, its uses in addictions and mental health counseling, and how Sacred Transformations has influenced contemporary art therapy through transformative tattooing. The importance of a positive perception of self will be highlighted in relation to Sacred Transformation’s ability to build positive selfimage in individuals who have had negative life experiences.

Benefit of Art Therapy
Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR
This presentation will continue discussions of the role of art therapy in addictions treatment, and how Sacred Transformations can help build self-image for clients with substance use disorders to support their long term recovery.

I give thanks for them waving my conference fee, as well the Cermak hospital administration for the use of conference time to attend the 3 day conference. Meeting and learning so much for some many wonderful people there over the three days this week was just wonderful. I will look forward to this being an agenda item for our next board of directors meeting but wanted to share this with our larger volunteer community. Thank you to each of you for all the great work you have done in the name of Sacred Transformation’s Clients past and present.


I welcome your continued commitment to our 501c3’s continued needs to raise awareness, as well funds. In addition to the link to the conference please also find our link to our GO FUND me page. When I sent it out that day we received a much needed $100.00 contribution from Mr. Tom Collins. He is a BIG philanthropist in NWI and I will be working with Brian Lauterbach (donor path founder and our new expert!) to follow up with Mr. Collins over this summer.

Finally, our GoFundMe appeal continues.  Please share on your social media, consider sending out a e-mail blast asking for your circle to support this program.

288 S. Lake Street, Gary, IN

June Letter

Sacred Transformations LogoP.O. Box 168000 / Chinatown
Chicago, Illinois 60615
(312) 213-2505

June 1, 2015

Dear Friend,

I know you will recall our December letter telling you about the important work of Sacred Transformations and the amazingly positive impact of transforming a bad memory into a beautiful tattoo. As someone who values our work, I know you will be excited by the major transformation our organization itself has undergone since last I wrote.

On January 29th of this year, Sacred Transformations received a massive donation of a BUILDING! Located at 288 South Lake Street in Gary, Indiana, this outstanding contribution by an incredibly generous family that believes deeply in our mission provides us with a dedicated space of our own. Not only does this free Sacred Transformations of the search for space to do our work, it will eventually provide an income stream through rentals to contribute to our financial stability.

This, in combination with the ongoing support of our outstanding donors, will ensure our ability to continue providing services for more clients more efficiently. With space for me and our talented tattoo artists to work every day, a place for our volunteers to gather to accomplish the selfless work they do on our clients’ behalf, as well as a site to invite people to visit and come to know us better, we are poised for a dramatic increase in visibility and outreach. Most importantly, we are now assured of the means to provide our clients with a consistently positive experience from first meeting to accomplished work of art.

I cannot say enough how deeply grateful all of us at Sacred Transformations are for this incredible gift. And we are working diligently to bring the building up to code so we can transform it into the beautiful space that our clients so deserve. Of course, there is work to be done. The electrical system was compromised while the structure stood vacant, and we are seeking support to help cover the expense of repairs. Once we are able to upgrade the electrical infrastructure, we will be on track to relocate permanently to our new home.

I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of this opportunity for our organization, and I call on you to please make a contribution to Sacred Transformations to help us on this exciting path.  We continue to seek donations by reaching out for support in the form of cash, supplies, and/or small gift items to be used at our fundraisers. While all donations will support our programs and every contribution goes to good use to directly benefit a grateful client, we are now also raising the funds to ready our space for years of service to come.

You can read the stories, see pictures of participants and make a donation on our recently updated website at and on Facebook at If you have questions or would like to discuss our work in greater detail, please do not hesitate to give me a call.  I would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Sacred Transformations and the exciting future that is transpiring now.

Your much-needed contribution will provide Sacred Transformations with the stability we need to continue to deliver the high-quality, important free services our clients require, both physically and spiritually, and I thank you.



Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR
Founder, Executive Director & Transformative Tattoo Artist

Home Page Small

Our New Website

Something has changed!  For those of you who visit here often, you’ll notice a change…

The most noticeable change is – of course – the look.  But almost equally important is the fact that our new website plays very nicely with cellphones and tablets.  Yes!  Since everybody uses their cellphones to surf the web!  The other wonderful outcome is that we’ll be posting more content to the website.  Look at the recent article “THINKing BEFORE you Ink” by volunteer Lori Coppinger.

If you spot something that is missing – contact us & let us know!

Sacred Transformations and our volunteers are very happy to have our new website realized by the crew at 3Planets – Internet Solutions.  Thanks to AlexJ and all those who labored & sweated to make this happen.

think before inking


THINK Uniqueness:

Individuality and uniqueness are what most tattoo enthusiasts proclaim as their reason for wanting ink. IN reality, approximately 4 out of 5 men and women have one or more tattoos. Popular “Sleeves” large back pieces,” and “symbolic” tattoos are common, not unique.

Getting a “name” tattooed on your skin could result in a lifetime of telling a story, over and over, even if that story is one that you want nothing more than to forget. This mark could eventually represent who you were vs. who you are and could take you to a negative place, everyday, well after you’ve moved on. Although at one point in your life, it seemed like the most “right” thing to do, ever. Now, it causes pain; pain that no one deserves to have to re-live every morning, every time you bathe, and every time you meet someone new. No one can predict the future with 100% accuracy and certainty. With that said, save the space for a meaningful, positive tattoo.

THINK Safety first:

Simple protection goes a long way. Without protection, the permanency of a tattoo makes the risk high and the price far too great. Tattoo artists must first use universal precautions; not only for you, but for themselves, the next client and so on. Don’t be afraid to ask about this. Know what safety procedures should be in place and ask if they are being followed. Better yet, know your artist, and let them get to know you before starting the piece… and still…. ASK. Educate yourself on blood-borne pathogens. Possible risks associated with a negative tattoo experience: Hepatitis B or C, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs, infection, reaction to Ink, Dermal conditions, and delayed reactions to anything used in the process.

Superheroes, Cartoon characters, and symbols:

Remember being obsessed with (insert positive childhood memory here) and all you wanted were the shoes, backpack and movie. You quickly outgrew the shoes, were too mature for the backpack, and the moved you watched on loop- you have no idea where it is. Imagine that character or symbol in the form of a tattoo on your forearm. Then imagine trying to cover or hide a Hannah Montana or I-Carly sleeve from your co-workers or new crush. At one point in life we are too young to make decisions that have life-long repercussions. This is because those before us have learned from these mistakes. We believe that our thoughts and feelings will not change enough to no longer love someone or something. But, didn’t we think the same thing about our first crush, our first favorite song, etc?

A tattoo we enjoy at 18 will more than likely not have the same, if any, appeal, or meaning at 25; will likely embarrass us at 30, may need a thorough explanation as to what it even IS at 40, and depending on the size, placement, or “body changes” over the course of 30 years, may be real “unique” by the time we’re 50, because we are trying to remember what it is. Something to THINK about! Change IS inevitable and limitless.

This may be a good time to be thankful for the need of parental consent. Unfortunately, the only magic that happens when we turn 18 is that we do not need parental consent and we, overnight become legally responsible for our decisions. We can suddenly do whatever we want to do. That in itself is not a reason to get a tattoo. Consult a friend or family member who really knows you, take your time. Making mistakes is part of growing up. We are still learning and maturing, every day … and a tattoo IS permanent.

The Right artist:

A good artist will work will you thorough the entire experience. Well before even putting anything on paper, you should be communicating for the specific purpose of placing this permanent piece of art on your body. The artist should encourage your individuality and help you avoid regrettable decisions that could potentially turn into permanent mistakes. If your artist does not ask you personal questions about the piece he or she is creating, then ask yourself “Is this the best artist for me?” and “Am I in the right place?”

The Right tattoo:

There is no shortage of resources and methods to assist you in finding artwork you love. There are countless “unique” easily found online, especially on all forms of social media. There are “trends” in tattoos and they have become socially acceptable. By the time you find a piece you love and even add your personal touches, there’s a good chance the tattoo is not 100% unique. We are NOT discouraging tattoos. Not in the least. We are, however encouraging thinking, taking your time, educating yourself, and true Individualism.


Trendy symbols with powerful meanings that we believe connect us to something or someone; spiritually or otherwise, are likely to be appealing to young people. One you are legal able to place a permanent mark your yourself, anywhere you want, as mall or as large as you’d like, it becomes tempting – Granted. Take a few recent trends for example: Hand tattoos: On the index finger, between the fingers, or on your knuckles; the infinity symbol; the KOI fish; Chinese/Japanese writing. These trendy, spiritual pieces are precisely non-unique. They may fill a void, even provide a purpose and you will likely truly enjoy them for some time. However, in a few years, they could further categorize you, age you, and there’s a good chance you forget why you got them in the first place; or even worse, you remember. They may eventually remind you of what those who care about you told you when you showed them your tattoo the first time. Things like “It’s permanent” “Why?!” or even “You are probably going to regret that one day!”

What questions will you ask yourself before you get inked?

Coming next: But, what if it’s NOT a TATTOO?

Volunteers Needed!

UPDATE: Seeking Volunteers to meet at THE BRIDGE 288 S Lake Street, Gary, IN,

As many of you may know on January 29th, Sacred Transformations received a massive donation of a BUILDING! Our teams commitment to make use of this space began the day we had the KEYS!!! Eric is reaching out to you directly to ask you to look at your calendar today to see if this Thursday Feb. 12th 10:00a.m. you’d be in a position to join me to begin the process of pulling up some carpet, and letting go of “stuff” in the building 288 South Lake Street Gary, In. 46403.

Please let Eric know, if not this week there is a good amount of work to be done moving forward and Eric will be setting a schedule for all volunteers to consider within our new volunteer data base.

There are a few items you and /or an other organization may wish to have i.e.; desk, storage locking box, chairs, etc. if you have a Van and would be interested in items bring it along so you all can take them with you….

Clean Up Crew 2015-02-12Eric: good morning gentlemen and happy to see the clean up at the building yesterday was very successful with a hundred percent of the carpet being removed from two of the five spaces as well as significant amount of organization.

Our team consisting of one paid local worker one client performing community service hours and a priest as well two invested space occupiers…

Jackie and myself we had a great time and really busted some major ass!