Amy Aurelio

Amy Aurelio has a background in graphic design, photography, and some formal fine arts education. While this experience took a backseat over the last few years, she’s excited to dust off her skills and apply them to the powerful art of tattooing.

Her specialty will be military therapeutic tattoos, lettering, and script as part of a focus on veterans’ mental health and support.

The Director of Veterans’ Affairs provides outreach services in order to connect veterans, active servicepersons, and their families with specialized services at Sacred Transformations. The goal of this position is to engage this population in therapeutic tattooing services as part of mental health, healing, commemoration, and support.


  • Visit facilities (i.e. shelters, VA centers, support group meetings, VFW locations and other veterans service sites, etc.) to publicize services, and network with other service agencies
  • Maintain outreach client information database and referrals to the programs. Track veterans referred for program admission and schedule consultations.
  • Schedule tattooing appointments on behalf of veterans, veterans, active servicepersons, and their families.
  • Plan and facilitate veterans’ events on site at The Bridge, such as art therapy sessions, social events, gallery fundraisers, movie and game nights, other special events, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned

Those individuals who are interested, please contact us.