Director of Client Services: Caitlin Leggett

Caitlin Leggett

Caitlin is currently working on obtaining her Master’s in Counseling and Art Therapy from Adler University. She works as an art therapy intern for Cook County Cermak Health Services and enjoys facilitating mural painting and small groups that focus on positive art therapy. Caitlin is also a tattoo apprentice under the supervision of artist, Eric Dean Spruth MA ATR. She has recently accepted the position, Director of Client Services, for Sacred Transformations — a non-profit tattoo organization  that is dedicated to helping people who are marked (tattooed, scarred, branded, and/or burnt) from negative experiences transform those marks into positive images that celebrate their individuality. Your tattoo from Miller Beach Ink helps support the mission of Sacred Transformations.

Director of Client Services: 

  • Collection and review of client applications
  • Assign team members client files for interview question break downs (all team members should be trained on/expected to know how to prepare interview questions)
  • Contacting clients for acceptance to program and appointment scheduling (Google calendar/e-mail)
  • Ensuring and maintaining ethical boundaries and confidentiality preferences for clients