Director of Client Services: Caitlin Leggett

Caitlin Leggett

Caitlin is the Director of Client Services within Sacred Transformations and a tattoo apprentice under the supervision of artist, Eric Dean Spruth MA, ATR. With a background in fine art, Caitlin’s work in watercolor and mixed media is evolving into her new found passion for tattooing. She is particularly interested in illustrative and blackwork imagery but is working to become competent in a wide variety of tattoo styles. Caitlin is also in the process of obtaining her ATR. She seeks to combine the transformative aspects of tattooing with the healing power of art to serve populations who have experienced severe trauma.

Director of Client Services: 

  • Receive and review client applications
  • Compose questions and conduct interviews based on client application
  • Guide clients through the program processes and procedures
  • Monitor and uphold client confidentiality based on client’s preferences
  • Maintain inventory of current client applications
  • Manage digital files of all client applications and transformation materials
  • Develop and maintain client body maps for transformation
  • Design transformative art for client’s consideration
  • Instruct and educate clients on tattoo hygiene and aftercare