Director of Art Therapy and Internal Affairs

Duties include:

Responsibility to Clients

  • Receive, review, compose questions, and conduct client interviews based on the client’s application.
  • Encourage the client to choose transformative art that is meaningful and well researched in the form of an iconography report.
  • Utilize clear or transparent material to produce a reproduction of the client’s body marking.
  • Receive and review client references to complete client art work.
  • Create art based on the clients provided references and body mark tracings.
  • Revise art based on the client artwork as many times as necessary.
  • Schedule client tattoo appointments based on the client’s absolute approval of the clients artwork.
  • Tattoo the client according to the specifications of the finalized art. Multiple sessions are usually needed.
  • Instruct and educate the client on tattoo hygiene and after care.

Responsibility to Art Therapy Interns

  • Assist Executive Director in providing the student interns supervision in attainment of goals and objectives according to the Learning Agreement of the specific school. The Learning Agreement contains clearly defined objectives/goals related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework; this is co-developed by the site supervisor and student and approved by the faculty supervisor prior to start of the internship for credit.
  • Provide necessary training, assist in one hour of weekly supervision and routine feedback on performance and expectations.
  • Monitor and approve weekly hours worked toward the required number of hours for the internship based on the student’s goal and the professional expectations for licensure.
  • Communicate with the faculty supervisor as warranted. Report immediately to the faculty internship instructor any student problem that develops.
    Provide assistance in evaluation of student as requested by the student’s University.

Responsibility to the Field of Art Therapy

  • Seek continuing education programming for the members of the Sacred Transformations team.
  • Encourage ethical and responsible practices within all services provided.
  • Encourage the use of art as a means of team orientation and continuing education.
  • Further the concept of tattoo based art therapy by composing, submitting and facilitating tattoo based art therapy presentations to various conferences, summits, and journals.
  • Maintain credentials and assist others in obtaining them to the best of ability.
  • Maintain collaborative working relationships with other artists and art therapists.

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