About Us

espruth_Ink_Therapy_leadThe Program: “Sacred Transformations” is Eric’s passion. It encompasses his sincere desire to utilize his talents in Art Therapy in the form of tattooing to assist individuals from all walks of life . Art Therapy is used to transform a mark, scar, or tattoo into your unique and personalized work of Art. Sacred Transformations’ vision is to be the part of your process that transforms the unavoidable, painful reminders of the past into light and motivational art that promotes growth and ultimate healing.

Each and every story is unique. This opportunity is unique. The method is unique. Because Eric is unique. You think he’s making small talk, maybe even taking a few mental notes. You soon discover that he has carefully and humbly, successfully, expressed shared thoughts and feelings into a work of Art. A few short chats later, you have collectively created your personalized, Epic tattoo. At this point, the transformation will soon begin.

Whether you have a scar from being a military hero, mark from a cowardly abuser, or tattoo of someone’s name that has become a conversation piece although the conversation is “OH-so -OVER,” we would like to talk to you. We believe in more than the power of change. We believe in the human spirit. Where there is willingness, open-mindedness, and courage -we can surrender, and Transformation can begin.

What is tattoo therapy?

An empowering method of physical and emotional healing designed for Individuals for whom a negative experience resulted in scars, marks, or tattoos. These marks, scars, or tattoos trigger frequent painful reminders, to the point of interfering with the Individual’s general well-being.

The candidate will meet with the Therapist, answer questions, and engage in conversation as he carefully chooses positive memories and over time, transforms the “negative into a motivating, positive work of Art” that he will subsequently tattoo over the scar, mark, burn or tattoo.

Who would we like to meet?

Anyone who has a “bad, oddly placed/shaped, or inappropriate” tattoo that is negatively impacting your life, please, fill out and submit our program application.

Who are we looking for Right Now?!

Veterans, Women (human-trafficking victims/victims of abuse), & re-entering ex-felons.

“How much will it cost to receive a transformation?”

The answer is that Sacred Transformation’s Services are Free of Charge! Our client’s commitments are in terms of their time and effort to not only being the recipient but to actively participate in their transformation! Of course, the materials and overhead don’t come for free and for the dollars that it takes to support our mission, we ask for donations. For more information contact us.